CLH Transportation simplifies the transportation decision of transporting temperature controlled shipments. CLH Transportation is a 3PL Transportation Company that provides you with a single point of contact who will endeavor to find the right balance of lowering your cost without sacrificing service.

CLH Transportation wants to be an extension of your transportation department. CLH Transportation is very experienced in the temperature controlled truckload and LTL business. Whether it is a chilled, frozen or protect from freezing shipment, our knowledgeable staff will ensure the safe, predictable transportation your company expects. We are very experienced in transporting many types of temperature controlled shipments – food manufacturing, produce, pharmaceuticals, and raw materials. 

Refrigerated Nationwide Service

CLH Transportation has hundreds of quality carriers that we work with to handle any truckload temperature controlled shipment anywhere in the country. Our professional staff is a single point of contact – pick up to delivery . We trace all of our shipments daily and are in constant contact with the driver handling the load. We also provide daily customer tracing reports to all of our customers.

Temperature Controlled LTL

Our experience in LTL temperature controlled transportation is safe, predictable and cost effective. CLH Transportation provides a wide range of flexible, intelligent and cost efficient solutions for your refrigerated LTL shipments. Our highly skilled staff knows you have time constraints and we fully understand that perishable products have shelf lives. We treat every shipment with the care and quality it deserves. We are also specialists in delivering those expedited shipments that destined for promotions or a demo.